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Entry by: ~DNA~ - Help Wanted - Mentors, Community Leaders, Authors
We are looking for members of the community who wish to contribute and help spread the word about Giant Vegetables of all kinds. Whether you'd like to contribute a regular column, or submit articles, or moderate the forums to remove objectionable material. If you are interested in helping out in any way send me a PM or reply here. [color=green]Site Moderators:[/color] Manage Forums to remove objectionable content and contribute to the community. [color=green]Glossary Manager:[/color] Manage Glossary to keep content clean and accurate. Would enjoy someone with a good education to manage this on both a scientific level and from a more basic garden slang mentality. [color=green]Links Manager:[/color] Manage GiantLinks site feature, research links, check contributions, and contribute to the community. [color=green]Mentors:[/color][/color] Members who have proven their ability to reach out to new growers and provide a reliable source of information to the community. [color=green]GiantFAQ Team:[/color] Contribute to the development of the GiantFAQ, our giant vegetable growing resource. [color=green]DNA Track Administrators:[/color] Help manage the DNAtrack system. Verify accuracy of data, moderate content, and help develop new functionality. Seeking a small team with thorough knowledge of Giant Pumpkin Genetics desired for Giant Pumpkin section of DNAtrack. [color=green]Awards Manager:[/color] Award members who have reached certain growing goals (ie. - 500lb pumpkin) with digital 'medals' that they can wear around the forums. They will appear on every post by that user. Users make requests in a specific forum and the Awards Manager responds and administrates the Awards System. ~DNA~