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Community Egardens
Community - Come and be amongst friends who all enjoy growing giant vegetables. Learn how to grow Big Pumpkins, Giant Squash, Huge Cabbage, Tall Sunflowers, and more! Advance your skills while teaching others and spreading the word about the sport of Growing Truly Giant Vegetables.
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eGardens - Show off what you've got growing in your patch or what's going on in your life. Keep records of your year where everyone else can watch and learn. Get help with your problems and share your success with your Giant Pumpkins, Big Gourds, and Heavy Tomatoes. Our browseable calendar interface is the ideal way to present your garden to the world and best of all you can enter information for any date you would like, even for years past.
DNAtrack Artifical Intelligence
DNAtrack - is a database of Giant Vegetable Genetics. This is one of the most powerful interactive giant vegetable databases available for community contribution. Come learn about all the varieties of Giant Vegetables, especially our Giant Pumpkin Genetic Tracking Database. DNAtrack includes such features as Family Trees, Community Comments, Photo Gallery, and Grow Diary for each Pumpkin. You can do your research right here for free, and contribute to the development of the database with your own pumpkins. AI Growbot's Garden Tea House - Come and chat with our Artificially intelligent friend 'AI Growbot'. Perhaps you could offer some cookies and tea while you discuss the finer points of life.
Garden Glossary Giant Vegenetics Wiki
Garden Glossary - As with the rest of our site. Our members have built this browseable garden glossary from their own vocabulary. Come learn some words and meanings, then leave one that you know! Giant Vegenetics Wiki - Ever asked "How do I...?" Chances are somebody has been there, done that, and was willing to contribute to our Wiki. How to Articles, Step-by-Step Solutions, and FAQ-style Questions and Answers to all your Giant Vegetable needs... Browse all the varieties of Giant Vegetables and Giant Fruits in our Database and contribute your own knowledge to the community.

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